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Relaxation Meditation

“Thoughts are things”, a famous quote by Edgar Cayce, reminds us that the quality of our thoughts can have an affect on the body.  When we constantly allow ourselves to visit painful memories, stressful events in our lives, or experience with frequency the fear of uncertainty… these memories or emotions will cause chemical reactions in our bodies that can create dis-ease and with time can make us sick.

Controlling the quality of your thoughts… allowing yourself to enter a place of inner peace and harmony is the key to wellness and a balanced life.  The relaxation meditation will help you detach from the external world and help you experience your inner peace.  The more you enter this inner sanctuary, the easier it gets and with practice you will be able to do this on your own.

Relax and Enjoy!

Introduction to relaxation meditation
Voice: Melisa Desperak

Relaxation meditation: A short meditation to help you relax and release stress and anxiety
Voice: Melisa Desperak

3 Minute Meditation

This meditation will help you in a moment of stress or anxiety. You can use it as a tool to eliminate negative thoughts and enter a place of inner peace and clarity.  The more you practice, the easier it will get to enter a place of stillness from the moment you take your three deep breaths.

Of course,  you can do this meditation for longer than 3 minutes if you like;  something I encourage you to do if time permits.

The first step is to find a spiritual ideal.  Today, one of my clients came to me and asked me, “How do I find peace?”  I want to be able to enter a peaceful place but I don’t know how.”  For this person, the perfect spiritual ideal would be Peace.  We would phrase it as an affirmation,  “I am peaceful” or “I am at peace.”

Once you have your spiritual ideal,  we can get started.

1st Minute:
Take three deep breaths.  With every breath, make sure you breathe in deeply, holding at the top.  Slowly release the breath, holding at the bottom.  With every in-breath think of qualities you want to bring into your being and with every out-breath think of it as a cleansing breath, eliminating all things that no longer serve you.  After your 3 deep breaths, become the observer of your breath. Notice how you breath in and breath out, connecting to your inner divinity.

2nd Minute:
State your spiritual ideal.  In my example above, the ideal is “I am at peace.”  State the words out loud (if you are permitted, if not, you can state it to yourself).  Then allow the words to expand within you, feeling in your body how this ideal would feel.  If your mind starts to chat or you get distracted, return to stating your ideal and feeling the words as they expand in your being.

3rd Minute:
Think of all the things you are grateful for… connecting to the energy of gratitude.  Thank your spiritual connection for the gifts given in the meditation as you bring it to a close.

Keep in mind that for this meditation to work when you are under duress,  you must practice many times in order to get your body to immediately respond when you start your 3 deep breaths.

3 Minute Meditation
Voice: Melisa Desperak

Overcoming Fear

Fear can dominate our lives. When in fear, we allow ourselves to go into imagination and many times act on this creating suffering forourselves and our loved ones. During this meditation we will meet our higher guidance and ask to be shown our fears, the root of our fears, and how they dominate and recur in our lives. Then we will ask higher guidance to assist us in releasing these fears so we can be free to experience every moment with joy and love.

Overcoming Fear

Voice: Melisa Desperak

Music By Marina Raye, Liquid Silk/Blissful Journey,
Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved, www.marinaraye.com

Working On Accounts

Accounts are “things” we hold against others.  The accounts we hold against our loved ones can be obvious but many times are hidden even to us.  There are judgments we have that go unnoticed by us but continually resurface to create disharmony.  The work that we will do today is ask higher guidance to help us ‘see’ these subtle accounts and help us disintegrate them and ask for assistance to observe them when we are interacting with our loved ones.

In this meditation,  after calling in higher guidance, we will enter a deep state of relaxation where we will do the work of ‘seeing’ our accounts and unraveling the emotional connections that lead to the judgment.  Then we will  do the work of healing  and forgiving.

Working On Accounts

Voice: Melisa Desperak
Music By: Marina Raye, Liquid Silk/Blissful Journey,  Copyright:2010, All Rights Reserved, www.marinaraye.com

Know Thyself

“Know Thyself’” :  This famous proverb still echoes today as loudly as it has in our ancient past.  Many esoteric teachings have their roots in this one phrase.

Getting to know yourself and digging deeply into the very root of who you are, can be the most important task we can take on.  When we are born, we are in Essence but as personality develops, we sometimes take on parts that are not us…are not real.  They are referred to as false personality, most of which is learned from our environment.

We can recognize false personality any time we encounter negative emotions.  There is a misconception that negative emotions arise from the acts of others but the truth is that they come from within ourselves.  Understanding why something that exists outside of ourselves has the power to elicit negative emotions with in us, can shed light on the workings of our mind and emotions.

For instance, why should someone else’s disparaging remark elicit a negative emotion?   Is it because we demand to be respected?  Is it because we feel misunderstood?  Or do we want to be liked and accepted?  Is it because we know better and need to provide proof?  Don’t all of these reasons fall under “self-importance”?  Couldn’t we call this vanity?  Isn’t it vanity to feel we know more?  Isn’t it vanity to feel we are not good enough?  Aren’t they opposite sides of the same coin, both reflecting preoccupation with self?

When you know yourself, you can be among kings and peasants alike.  You can be real, not worrying about being anything other than yourself.  No pretenses, honoring both your light and shadow sides.  In knowing yourself, you can know others as well.
In order to know yourself, your task would be to peel away the layers of false personality so we can uncover what is real in ourselves.  Through awareness and self-observation, we can start to create what is called permanent certainty.

Permanent certainty are pearls of understanding that we have verified for ourselves through life and they become part of our wisdom – unshakable by others.  These can be understanding about ourselves, others, society, love, relationships, government and everything having to do with life.

When we reach our core, we are able to fully “see” our inner beauty, our Soul.   When our inner selves can shine through with confidence, we can gift to the world who we are.

In this meditation, we will ask higher guidance to show us a time in our lives when we were in essence.   We will ask to see what part of us is false and ask assistance in peeling away the unnecessary layers of false personality.    Once these layers are peeled away, we will ask to see our gift.   What did we bring from many life times that can help others?  How are we meant to share this with the world?

Know Thyself Meditation

Voice: Melisa Desperak
Music: Desert Flower, By Jo Anna Burns-Miller, Copyright 2008, All Rights Reserved, www.joannaburns-miller.com

In this meditation,  we will call in  higher guidance and use their assistance to connect to the energy of Gratitude.  Gratitude, when you allow it to envelope your body, is a very powerful energy that can help you heal and sustains you in the higher realms where you can remain in a positive frame of mind.
For background music,  I am using Marina Raye’s Song of Gratitude from her Liquid Silk CD.  With Gratitude, Melisa

Voice: Melisa Desperak
Music:  Song of Gratitude, By Marina Raye, Liquid Silk, Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved, www.marinaraye.com

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    After bringing the client into a deep state of meditation, we contact the clients’ Higher Self.  Then with the permission of the HS, the Reiki healing begins. (1 hr. session)

  • Past Life Regression
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    Our soul has journeyed many life times. During a session, you will journey to the most relevant past life that can shed light on what is playing out in your life now. (1.5 hr. session)

  • Private Meditation
    Price: USD 100

    The session will be custom designed to your needs. The session can target specific goals you have, can cover different techniques or just facilitate your entry into stillness. (1 hr. session)

  • Group Meditation
    Price: USD 20

    We start by calling in the four directions, creating sacred space and calling in higher divine energy. The direction of the meditation depends on the group dynamic. Shamanic Journeying & Visualization. (1 hr. session)

  • QHHT/Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy Follow Up Session:
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    This session is for clients that have follow up questions or want to work with other aspects of their lives. (1 hr. session)

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