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  • By : Melisa
  • August 5, 2016

The World is A Prison:

By Meher Baba

The whole world is a prison, for the Soul experiences being behind the bars in a cell of its gross-subtle-mental body. The hold of illusion is so strong that it imprints the feeling of perpetual bondage. And the eternally free Soul – though Lone Sovereign and Supreme Lord – experiences itself as serf rather than Soul. Illusion stages the Lord’s imprisonment so perfectly and establishes his serfdom so convincingly that even at the moment when the Perfect Master bestows his grace on the Soul, it experiences itself as breaking out through the bars of a prison which never existed.

The embodied Soul’s apparent imprisonment becomes so suffocatingly unbearable that a time comes when, by the Master’s grace, it literally tears itself free as if from shackles. And when at last freed, the feeling of exultation is as powerful as was its feeling of suffocation. The experience of both imprisonment and release is of illusion, but the experience of the final freedom is of Reality. The emancipated Soul then experiences continuously and eternally its own infinite freedom. The world exists only as long as the Soul experiences bondage. When the Soul realizes itself as Reality, the world vanishes – for it never was, and the Soul experiences itself as being Infinite and Eternal.

John made a statement several times during Saturday’s meeting….”I don’t want to lose my Soul”

My interpretation is how we can make the decision on an everyday basis not  to go into imagination, negative emotions or inner considering because we don’t  want to lose our Soul.  The statement gave me a new  perception of self-remembering and making efforts to stay awake.  It really is about not losing the Soul, isn’t it?

The age old phrase…. to sell or lose your soul to the devil comes to mind.  I’m sure here it’s deeper meaning is how we constantly choose to stay under laws that keep us asleep rather than sacrificing the suffering in order to keep the Soul.

Christ words also comes to mind:  Jesus turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.”

In the last few weeks,  the ability to have scale and see with new eyes has made this “having in mind the concerns of God” much easier.  It’s as if everything has become clearer and the illusions that we live with daily were no longer there.  The trivial was just….well, trivial.  Life and death has new meaning.  The ‘other side’ … the unseen world is a lot more palpable.  The world of Spirit has become almost as real as the mundane and the duality more jarring than ever… as if we are stepping in and out of these realms from moment to moment.  Experiencing the difference energetically, cellularly, electronically as we flow from one world to the other.  The duality can at times cause confusion… not knowing which one is real … which one a mirage.

Perhaps our work is to ‘fix’ a point of perception between the two worlds and ‘be’ in that space.  Where there is no longer a duality but a single unified experience… a single truth.  Here is one of Meher Baba’s discourses that addresses this duality:

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