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  • By : Melisa
  • October 20, 2016

The New Earth

There was a time, several months ago, that I shared my thoughts on a duality that I was perceiving. There were moments where I found myself in the company of ‘others’ like myself, immersed in an energy filled with Love and Beauty. Suddenly, in entered ‘something’ else … Something that belonged to a world of fear and doubt… And in that moment, we were catapulted into a different reality. So jarring was the difference that I was confused and uncertain which world was real and which world was false. At the time, the only way I could reconcile these two worlds was to try and live somewhere in between the two.

What I have since discovered is that the reason we were shown so jarringly the difference between the them was so that we could see our choice clearly. Do you want to live in a world of negativity and suffering? Or do you choose beauty and love?

All our teachers who came before us have said at one point or another that the Work must be thrown out and rewritten. Ouspensky counted on Collin.. Collin on Mervyn. And now Mervyn is counting on us to deliver the message he has yet to fully voice to the world. His message was about Love.

If you look, and you don’t have to look too hard, Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, Collin, Brady and many of our conscious teachers pointed to some grand new possibility that would be available to mankind. Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, the Mayans, the Hopi, Esoteric Christianity and Judaism… They also spoke about a new era and new time that we were on the cusp of entering.

What I would like to suggest is that this event has already happened. Earth, as a sentient being,has ascended. Now its up to us. Do we ascend with her to the New Earth or do we stay with the Old World? We study the Ray of Creation and we understand what this means both as a Solar System and as a Microcosm. We know when we have ascended energetically and when we are living in the lower vibratory worlds.

So how do we move into the New Earth? By our belief and our choices. Do we believe in our divinity and ability to co-create? Are we still making choices out of Fear? We are no longer in the chrysalis. We are now these incredible butterflies … Full of beauty and an incredible capacity to love. Look back… Mervyn pointed the way to this new reality and thankfully, by reading his words, we can verify it for ourselves. So did Collin and Ouspensky. So has Hafiz and Rumi and Meher Baba. How about Eckhart and Rilke? Emerson and Whitman? Etc… They all pointed to this future that is upon us now.

Assuming that this is Truth …how can we have this conversation? How can we help each other see this Truth and live by it so that we can crystallize love and beauty and help them become our reality? Understanding the machine and it’s mechanics has helped all of us along the way. But when are we going to see that the physical body with all it’s trappings is just a vehicle for the Soul. By our choices. By not living in Fear. By forgiving and asking for forgiveness. By choosing love.

Let the theatre of our lives be just that … A play. Sometimes we need to just surrender to what is playing out and play our roles the best we can. Other times we just need to make the right choices …especially, how we choose to perceive our play. But most importantly, we are the Masters and Co-creators of our lives. It’s time to love our way into our future lives … No fear… Just love and a pure connection to this field of love that connects us.

I’m ready? Are you?

Loving you into Eternity….
Moon dance

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