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  • By : Melisa
  • April 15, 2016

My Thoughts on Right and Wrong


Right and Wrong as it relates to the Work should be defined as …

Everything we do that helps us Be… that helps us stay  Awake… that brings consciousness and assists us in growing in the work is RIGHT.

Everything we do that hinders us to BE  … that puts us to Sleep and brings unconsciousness and a decline in the work is WRONG.

It relates to keeping an inner state … as a colleague would put it …. Doing everything we can NOT to lose the Soul.

All things that are external,  are not relevant.

As another colleague shared, Mervyn many times said we need to let go.  How?  Just visualize your hands holding something palms up and then just inverting the palms so they face down.  Let go.

This topic of right and wrong is interesting as well when we place it in the light of how we constantly judge everyday as to whether something is right or wrong, good or bad,  moral or immoral, justified or unjustified,  higher or lower,  sustainable or unsustainable,  pure or impure,  healthy or unhealthy, light or dark,  sacred or evil…..

All our judgments are colored by our features… we inner consider , go into imagination, express negativity and indulge in vanity.

What if we just let go …. For the sake of the Soul?  This is when you know you are growing in Being.  When in the mist of being triggered by a sleeping machine,  you take pause and bring in the higher intellectual parts of centers to transform like an alchemist the account…. In other words,  you start to use these moments as ways to regenerate and accumulate the STUFF of something higher … that electro magnetic force we need to Awaken.

On another scale,  we can be trap by past accounts of right and wrong.  Here the work of forgiveness is critical.  FORGIVE ALL ACCOUNTS.  Do the long and hard work of forgiving your accounts both those you hold against others but most important ,  those that you hold against yourself.

From the perspective of the Soul,  there is no such thing as right and wrong.  The higher is the expression of PURE INFINITE LOVE.   We will be redeemed as long as we ourselves can forgive.   What keeps us feeling separate and apart from the ever-flowing infinite energy of pure love is our own accounts.  The accounts we have against ourselves and others.

I asked a friend of mine if he could forgive the transgressions of his father.  He said NO.  I asked him if he wanted to heal.  He said YES.  “What if I told you that you can’t heal until you forgive him?  To forgive him is not to say that he is right and you were wrong.  To forgive him is to let go of the blockage he has created in your body… the dis-ease that has grown due to holding this account in your body”.

If he can forgive him and the account  so he can be free,  then there is a possibility to heal…. This healing balm of universal love can now flow freely to help sustain him and keep ihs vessel pure.

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