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  • By : Melisa Desperak
  • October 1, 2017

Meeting An Oracle

Meeting An Oracle

Oracle…. Definition: In classical antiquity, an oracle was a person or agency considered to provide wise and insightful counsel or prophetic predictions or precognition of the future, inspired by the gods. As such it is a form of divination. Wikipedia

After my session with a client, I sat there stunned. I had just experienced infinity ….witnessing how my client was able to tear away the veils of time and space with such ease. It took me months to digest what happened and still I am as exhilarated today as I was months ago with the implications of what transpired.

During a session, many clients have visited past lives but always narrated it as if they were seeing a movie. At times, the experience was visceral and the client would physically experience what happened to them in a past life. What made this moment different, is that the client started interacting with the people outside of time and space… Having a direct and new experience with the people in the past. She did this as easily with a past life as she did it with a future life.

During her session, she decided to assist in the search for a murderer by ‘flying’ over the landscape and quickly finding the accused. She even stopped to ask for directions. This is when I realized that she was living a moment of the ancient past, which she guessed was in the 1700’s, simultaneously with the present moment. I asked her if the people in the past realized she was astral traveling and she said yes. They didn’t know she had this gift until she decided to leave her body and look for the murderer in an astral body.

She then proceeded to jump from this life time to several others very quickly. Another new realization and possibility became apparent. She was genetically connected with all her past lives and future lives. In other words, she continued to reincarnated within the same family going back to the 1700’s. She was her own great great grandmother. I never encountered this before. People would live such different lives, from different cultures and continents. Even today, she can trace her lineage back to her ancestry in Europe, in the same country that her mother, her grandmother and her great grandmother are from.

What was also surprising was her ability to go to her future life. She talked about everything she was going to experience, the tough times and the good times ahead. She guided herself with what her mission was supposed to be and how to deal with the difficulty she was currently having at work.

Then she started to tell me about my future and my kids future. What surprised me was the ease in which she did this. She had no past experience doing this work and she did as easily as joining me for a chat and a cup of coffee.

There was no doubt that she is in fact a living oracle. I now understand exactly how Dolores Cannon was able to write her books Conversations With Nostradamus. At first it seemed like a crazy notion, yet something in me believed what she said. And now, I can say first hand that it is possible. Time travel is possible. We just have this notion that we must build a machine or walk through a worm hole. Our body mind is already wired to do this and perhaps it has something to do with worm holes but we have access to this within ourselves. Maybe there is more to the saying ‘As above, so below.’ If the cosmos, being the universes and galaxies, exits within us, then who is to say that these so called portals aren’t just as easily accessible to us when we connect and align with our ONENESS and with all that Is.

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