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  • By : Melisa
  • October 10, 2016

Let Go

Inspired by Mervyn’s words…”Let go. Let go. Let go or you will hurt”…. These words are guiding me, showing me that there is much about life that is not up to us, circumstances that can’t be controlled.  C Influence and the higher has a plan.  When we are presented with difficulty or situations where we feel we can no longer endure,  the only answer in these times is to let go and to allow  the Soul to take part and ask the machine to stand behind us.

For me it’s about striking a balance.  When to act, when to fight, when to sit back knowing that everything is as it should be.  Caring for an ailing loved one,  at times we have to lead  in their care, making sure they are heard, making sure the different teams acting on their behalf understands everything involved in a very complex medical history.  G-d only knows I would have lost myself months ago without the insight of the Academy and the work.  It’s so easy to enter and stay in the lower worlds, but every time I was present the higher was there.  Subtle but undeniable.  The unseen world speaks to each one of us in our own language.  We know when we have been touched by the higher.  If I would tell you that the cry of a red tail hawk does it for me,  some would think it’s imagination. It’s not. We are constantly being touched by the higher worlds.  We just need to be present  to see and feel their presence.

As I write this, I am being tested on every front. And yet,  I see beauty in everything. I have hope always. And my faith grows every day with every small miracle. Did I say already how thankful I was for the school? For my companions?  I miss all of you my sweet dear soul friends.  Some of you I realize today, I don’t know intimately. Yet, I feel it doesn’t matter. I love you still and know you from the eyes of my Soul. Thank you. Gracias. Mahalo.

So humbled and grateful for everyone in the school and for those yet to join this sacred circle.

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