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  • By : Melisa Desperak
  • October 1, 2017

Lessons From QHHT Sessions – Accessing the Higher Self

Lessons From QHHT Sessions

QHHT brings a client into a trance state called Theta. Theta can be described as the state we enter when we are just about to fall asleep or when we just wake up. We are in a trance yet aware of our surroundings.

What I have experienced when clients are in this state and we are going through the process of this particular technique is just miraculous. What I ask myself is why? What happens to a person when they enter Theta? Why is it that they are able to access this field of energy called the Universal Consciousness? Why do they have answers to questions that during a waking state they don’t have access to? Why can they heal themselves in this state and not otherwise? And the most important question, can we consciously enter this state on our own, ask questions and heal ourselves?

I’m hoping to arrive at some answers here. When I am inducing a person into a Theta trance, I notice that I become extremely present. My mind is completely focused on the client and how I can best serve them during the session. The more present I am and the more I surrender my mind and the normal doubts that the conscious mind can have, the better the session for the client. My ability to stay present helps the client enter this state. It’s as if I am holding the energy of the space in which the client can also release the mind and work with the Higher Self.

So I started to experiment with these states on my own. When I am ready to fall asleep, I become keenly aware of my state and the point where I enter Theta. Once I know I have entered Theta, my time is counted. Without the assistance of a therapist, the likelihood is that I will eventually fall asleep. So, I quickly start to connect to higher energy and pray for what I want to manifest in my life with a lot of humility and gratitude for the forces I find myself in direct contact. Unfortunately, I do fall asleep even to my own amazement. No matter how hard I try, I can’t stay in Theta for very long. So what to do?

I started to experiment with meditation. Instead of lying down, I sit up. I try to meditate either right before falling asleep or right after waking up in the morning when we are closest to entering or exiting Theta. I have to admit that so far I find this to be the best way to sustain the state.

I will share here some tips for those of you who would like to attempt connecting to this divine energy. One of the lessons I have learned from teaching meditation and helping others enter this state is that we should always create sacred space. There is much of the unseen world we are unfamiliar with and I have experienced the difference in a room when sacred space is invoked and when it is not. So, for the sake of safe journeying and for ensuring the presence of higher divine energy, always sanctify the space your working in and intentionally call in higher energy.

Steps to creating sacred space and calling in higher divine energy:

Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths. Breath in deeply and slowly. Holding your breath in and then slowly releasing your breath and holding when you exhale completely. Every time you breath in, think of qualities you want to bring into your being, hold them in. Examples are peace, love, abundance, harmony, courage, kindness, patience, etc… Every time you breath out, use it as a cleansing breath, eliminating all negative thoughts, the external world, and everything that no longer serves you.

After your three deep breaths, return to the normal rhythm of your breath. Observe how you breath in and breath out and start connecting with your inner world. Visualize a ball of divine light in the center of the room and expand the light until the entire room is permeated in white divine light. Feel the light penetrating your body, becoming one with light. Allow yourself to expand with this beautiful protective light. Then visualize sending a shaft of light up to the heavens above connecting to higher divine energy and then ground the shaft of light into the core of Mother Earth. In this space, call in with humility and gratitude for the presence of Divine energy based on your beliefs and spiritual guidance and ask that the energy sanctify the space you are working in.


In order to enter the energy of stillness, start to meditate. Ask for higher help to release the mind and enter your inner world. Once you are in presence, then you can start the work of asking for guidance and healing energy. The question then is how do you know you are present and how do you achieve this state. You will experience presence as a shift. It is subtle but once you taste this state you will always know when you enter. When in Theta, your body is very still, your senses keen and you hear everything in the room somewhat amplified. Then the auditory senses shut down and then you fall asleep. You need to achieve the state right before you fall asleep, when the body is still…. It feels somewhat like an out-of-body experience. My suggestion is if you can’t identify this in your experience try to enter the state by taking a nap. Wait until you are tired and intentionally observe yourself enter the different states of mind.

Here are some suggestions as to how you can enter this state. You can use all or none depending on how you respond to them::
• Scan your body for tension. Connect with every part starting from your crown down to your toes. Release tension as you go. Relax and release. Relax and release.
• Music: the right music can help you enter a state of relaxation. Try different music until you find what helps you achieve inner peace.
• Aromatherapy: Incense can help as well. Burning essential oils like lavender are also used to relax and enter a state of meditation. You can burn sage, sweet grass and palo santo. These are also used to cleanse the space.
• Use a mantra. For instance you can state out loud…Om. Make sure you take a very deep breath and as you exhale state in a deep vibrating voice….”Ooooommmmm”. Let it the vibration of the sound pierce your body. State it three times,or more if you wish. Then just allow yourself to sit with it in silence.
• Observe your thoughts. When you observe your thoughts they have a way of magically disappearing. Once the mind starts to chatter, call it out and release the thought.
• You can also try the Edgar Cayce system of meditation. You can find a detail description here.
• Divide Your Attention: This is a technique used in Fourth Way Schools. You become the observer. Find something in the room to gaze at. While still focused on this object, divide your attention to a sound in the room. Keep both attentions … The object and the sound. Then divide your attention one more time to include your body. It can be your breath or how the sofa/chair feels underneath you. Hold all three attentions at the same time …. Seeing the object, hearing the sound and feeling your body. Welcome to Presence.

Humility and Gratitude.

I don’t believe that any of these efforts work with out deep humility and gratitude. Always connect from this place. Always from the place of gratitude. Always ask permission.

Guidance, Healing and Other Benefits:

Once your in this state you can ask questions, any question. If you are in the presence of your higher self, you will notice how this part wants to respond. Ask to heal a part of yourself or request a body scan. Have you Higher Self send you healing energy in the form of light. You can work with different colors or divine white light. In addition to guidance and healing energy, the benefits of meditation are numerous such as lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, releasing endorphins, acquiring scale in life, achieving inner joy, improving your relationships and much more.

Happy Travels!


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