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  • By : Melisa
  • December 30, 2016

Divine Will

I have verified that when C Influence is trying to down load a new program or idea, that these Influences are very persistent, showing me from different angles the same message. For a time now the theme was Divine Spirit and our ability to manifest as co-creators on our Great Mother Earth. In my attempt to say yes to life and surrender to something other, I conducted a Yes experiment where I would say yes to the people Higher Influences would bring my way ( just a little test in faith as well). Here the messages were similar but started to take on a new tone. Several people approached me and wanted to trade services. I would do a session for them and they in return would do the same for me.

The women who gave me a numerology session told me that I had a magic wand and all I had to do was wish for what I wanted and whala, poof… it’s as good as done. ( I can assure you my wand was either broken or out of batteries). She also told me that there was one thing I needed to do, I needed to forgive. There is something blocking the flow of energy and until I cleansed and opened these blockages, the wand wasn’t going to work. Unfortunately, I had no idea what I wasn’t forgiving. I thought about it and nothing came to mind.

The next person I saw was an Angel channel called Maestra Lulu. Once again my angels told me that the scene is set, all my ducks are in a row and I’m ready to rock and roll. I can now manifest anything I want, but there is just one thing blocking me, I need to forgive. Darn, say what? I couldn’t figure it out. What am I blocking?

Next I met a this really interesting man through a mutual friend. He couldn’t see well so he sat really close to me when he spoke, well beyond my comfort zone which I found disconcerting yet interesting and decided to allow it and observe myself through out the conversation. He was literally inches from my face . His first question was “how do you define Free Will? What about Will? What is my definition of Feelings? Emotions? He seemed interesting to me so I decided to meet him for a chat and a cup of coffee. He was extremely expressive, talking to me with the passion of a man with a mission. He started to explain that man has usurped his will by not allowing himself to truly feel and express his emotions. Did I tell you yet about the part where he told me we are controlled by an alien race and that man as we are, is just cattle that is easily controlled… You know like herd mentality? Well let’s leave this for another day. What caught my attention was when he told me with great intensity… “Your angry? Be angry! Yes why not be VERY angry! Your sad, frustrated, annoyed?… That’s good! Yes be that!” He was adamant and persistent that we must be free to express our emotions and that this is a natural and necessary part of being human . By doing so you are trusting yourself and not conceding to the long list of should’s and shouldn’t’s that society constantly drills. I couldn’t stay long so I left before I could digest what he was trying to tell me.

So I decided to start praying to my higher guidance and to my angels to show me what accounts I was holding on to that still needed to be worked out and forgiven. After a few days of praying and asking for guidance, I met with a dear friend that worked with magnets and did polarity work (psst….Luz De Gracia 🙂 … Her name means light of grace). I set the intent of the session to be about bringing forward the emotional memory of what was still lodge in my body. The session was glorious. I felt as if someone came and cleaned the windshield of my mind. I felt born anew and with complete clarity. That night as I struggled between sleep and wakeful moments, the flood gate opened and all the accounts I was holding opened up and revealed themselves. Not only that but I also saw everything I did and said that wasn’t loving or compassionate towards others. This was horrible to see but necessary. I was Ho o’ Pono Pono…ing all night. (For those who are not familiar with the Ho ‘o Pono Pono Prayer, this is how is goes: “ I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.)”

Then a woman, who now I can call a close friend, answered my Craig’s List ad and wanted to swap sessions. Next thing I know she loans me a book called The Right Use of Will. I honestly didn’t read the book but as customary I asked celestial influences to guide me and I randomly opened the book and read in several places. This is the message I got from everything I read, heard and experienced:

In the same way that our Spirit is connected to Divine Spirit, so is our Will connected to Divine Will. Through conditioning, societal pressures and cultural influences, we are taught to ‘man’ up and not allow the open expression of anger, grief, frustration, sadness, annoyance and other ‘negative’ emotions. If when we encounter very difficult situations and we don’t allow the natural expression that these circumstances emote, then these emotions become trapped in the physical body and in the mental body waiting for a future moment to be released. This becomes a dark room in your castle where the blinds are pulled shut and no light can enter. This trapped energy prevents a natural flow and creates a blockage to energy. The physical body can get sick or the person can feel stuck. But worse than thIs, you have surrendered your will to something or someone else. You didn’t feel self confident enough to have a natural expression of the emotions that were very real and by doing this you are disconnecting from Divine Will.

The part that I feel needs clarification is our work as a school to not express negative emotions. When we are having self centered thoughts and indulge in unnecessary suffering, identification and imagination, then these thoughts aren’t real and it’s good work to observe them and not express them. The non expression of negative emotions can go a long way to teach us about our mechanical tendencies to over react through self observation, it can help us conserve energy, and the energy and tension that we gain as a result can assist in becoming present.

I know that it is a fine line. I’m seeing it as an acrobat walking on a tight rope but perhaps this is how it’s meant to be.

For me the question is how do we understand this concept properly so that we don’t block our hearts and we can purify the emotional center in order that higher influences can reach us. When do we express the negative emotions and when do we not? What is the difference between a negative emotion that comes purely from self importance and one that comes from real suffering? How can we measure this in relation to what is occurring to us on a day to day basis? Perhaps a better definition of emotions vs negative emotions is needed?

I write this also a student in a Fourth Way School. Our task is to evolve through the study of Man as a reactionary machine. We study why we react in certain ways and we start to slowly peel away what a is false in us. We study the laws that man is subjected to in order to acquire Scale, to start seeing life from a different point of view. We are also able to gain the wisdom of Relativity, the ability to see that most of what troubles us in minor in relation to real suffering. After a time of self-observation, we can grow in Being and Understanding. We can take a moment to reflect before we speak or react. Then if we are lucky, we can attract Grace and something ‘other’ can enter and help us crystallize the a state of presence.

If man reaches this state, is it possible for him to no longer be influenced in the same way by tragedy and misfortune? Can man honestly reach a point in his development where he can accept his condition with detachment?

As for myself, until I can honestly answer these questions, I will try to honor how I feel and not bury my emotions. I will try to be sincere with myself when I hurt someone else. We all have a moment when we know we crossed the line and we can buffer it so quickly that we miss an opportunity to make amends and not let these accounts accumulate. I have experimented with this concept of forgiveness and keeping the emotional center open and I have verified that when I do, I leave room for higher influences to work with me and guide me. I can honestly say that my magic wand is starting to work, I just need time to know how to use it (no instructions were included).

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