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  • By : Melisa
  • September 10, 2016

Are We Co-Creators?

What would our world be like if we believed we had a hand in co-creating it?

So many different traditions speak of the role we have in creating the direction of our lives, our community and the world as we see it and experience it.  Within us is the Soul,  a spark of divinity itself that can co-create and manifest our reality.  Do you believe this?

Don Miguel Ruiz speaks of four agreements. If as children, we somehow made an agreement that this ‘power’ or ablitly to co-create was not possible,  then  wouldn’t we have doubts?  There is something about hearing this that sounds like ‘truth’ but do we really believe it?  Believe it to our core?  What would it take to change this ‘agreement’?  How can we start to ‘speak’ to ourselves,  think about ourselves, our life and our planet that can start to change the dream.  How can we start to awaken to this Truth…this reality?

My thought is  that nothing can be lost in experimentation … so let’s visualize, believe and manifest a better world for oursevles,  our loved ones,  the entire human family and all sentient beings that we share this planet with.

In the meantime, continue to connect to your inner world daily,  try show kindness to others…especially towards your close family and friend,  and love, love love….

Quoting From: Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East by Baird T. Spalding

   “It takes a true motivating thought focused on a central absorbing point or ideal to bring forth or accomplish and you, as well as all mankind, can become that motivating center.  Not one thing comes forth unless man first expresses the ideal”. 

  “At one time man was fullly conscious that he was this motivating center and lived fully conscious of his inheritance and dominion.  He lived consciously in a condition that you term heaven.  All but a few have let go of this divine gift and today the great majority are absolutely unconscious of this divine quality which is mankind’s true inheritiance”. 

  “What man has done once,  he can accomplish again”.   

 With Inmense Gratitude… sending you lots of love….

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