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Can Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy Technique Help Alleviate Lyme Disease Symptoms?

Can Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy Technique Help Alleviate Lyme Disease Symptoms?   Last fall I was visiting friends in Puerto Vallarta, Mex Read More
  • By : Melisa Desperak
  • October 2, 2017


A Death Experience

A Death Experience I died. A thousand layers of myself collapsing inward. Like a carefully crafted house of cards. Terror consu Read More
  • By : Melisa Desperak
  • October 13, 2017

Lessons From QHHT Sessions – Accessing the Higher Self

Lessons From QHHT Sessions QHHT brings a client into a trance state called Theta. Theta can be described as the state we enter when we are just abo Read More
  • By : Melisa Desperak
  • October 1, 2017

Meeting An Oracle

Meeting An Oracle Oracle…. Definition: In classical antiquity, an oracle was a person or agency considered to provide wise and insightful counsel Read More
  • By : Melisa Desperak
  • October 1, 2017

Divine Will

I have verified that when C Influence is trying to down load a new program or idea, that these Influences are very persistent, showing me from differe Read More
  • By : Melisa
  • December 30, 2016

Do Everything With G-d In Mind

When reading The Interior Castle by St Theresa of Avila, she gave this advise.  Do  everything  with G-d in mind.  When you are washing dishes, go Read More
  • By : Melisa
  • November 20, 2016

The New Earth

There was a time, several months ago, that I shared my thoughts on a duality that I was perceiving. There were moments where I found myself in the com Read More
  • By : Melisa
  • October 20, 2016

Are We Co-Creators?

What would our world be like if we believed we had a hand in co-creating it? So many different traditions speak of the role we have in creating the Read More
  • By : Melisa
  • September 10, 2016

The World is A Prison:

By Meher Baba The whole world is a prison, for the Soul experiences being behind the bars in a cell of its gross-subtle-mental body. The hold of il Read More
  • By : Melisa
  • August 5, 2016


We met recently on the topic of service. Beautiful angles were shared about needing presence in order to serve another; on the need to observe and pre Read More
  • By : Melisa
  • July 22, 2016

Let Go

Inspired by Mervyn’s words…”Let go. Let go. Let go or you will hurt”…. These words are guiding me, showing me that there is much about life Read More
  • By : Melisa
  • October 10, 2016

My Thoughts on Right and Wrong

  Right and Wrong as it relates to the Work should be defined as … Everything we do that helps us Be… that helps us stay  Awake… tha Read More
  • By : Melisa
  • April 15, 2016

Marriage …

May joy, love and beauty be with you as you embark on this new journey. As you grow together, let your Souls merge and become one great light. B Read More
  • By : Melisa
  • March 19, 2016

The Climbing Rose

As I walked through my garden,  I noticed a single pink rose.   Instantly I re-membered myself… knowing that this single rose was a symbol of my Read More
  • By : Melisa
  • February 19, 2016

Conscious Harmony in Relationships

Prelude: Much of what is written are concepts learned as a student of a Fourth Way School.  We are encouraged to verify everything we learn throu Read More
  • By : Melisa
  • January 11, 2016

Why Meditate

We finally arrived at a point where scientist and spiritual leaders can stand on common ground.  Let’s take the cell.  At first, we were able to d Read More
  • By : Melisa
  • December 20, 2015

Petty Tyrants

I love talking about petty tyrants because they surround us everyday.  They can be total strangers or the people we love the most.  The only thing t Read More
  • By : Melisa
  • November 2, 2015

  • Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy Technique:
    Price: USD 250

    “QHHT is a powerful, safe, and effective method of hypnosis that focuses on obtaining unlimited information from the Subconscious (Higher Self).” Session duration: 4 hrs

  • Quantum Reiki
    Price: USD 75

    After bringing the client into a deep state of meditation, we contact the clients’ Higher Self.  Then with the permission of the HS, the Reiki healing begins. (1 – 1.5 hour session)

  • Past Life Regression
    Price: USD 120

    Our soul has journeyed many life times. During a session, you will journey to the most relevant past life that can shed light on what is playing out in your life now.

  • Private Meditation
    Price: USD 60

    The session will be custom designed to your needs. The session can target specific goals you have, can cover different techniques or just facilitate your entry into stillness. Session lasts 1 hr.

  • Group Meditation
    Price: USD 20

    We start by calling in the four directions, creating sacred space and calling in higher divine energy. The direction of the meditation depends on the group dynamic. Shamanic Journeying & Visualization. 1 hr session

  • QHHT Follow Up Session:
    Price: USD 75

    This session is for clients that have follow up questions or want to work with other aspects of their lives.

  • Cardio Self-defense – Private Classes
    Price: USD 60

    After warming up and stretching, you will go through a cardio fat burning session of kickboxing combined with boot camp exercises. Grips, chokes, kicks, punches, chops, elbow blows, holds are covered.

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