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Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy Technique:

Before I go into my explanation of what QHHT is and how I came to practice this type of hypnotherapy, I would like to quote form the QHHT website:
“QHHT is a powerful, safe, and effective method of hypnosis that focuses on obtaining unlimited information from the Subconscious (Higher Self). The Subconscious (SC) can identify and explain the cause behind any problem. If the SC agrees it is appropriate, healing is immediate, without discomfort, medication or surgery. In all cases, before healing can happen, an individual must want to heal themselves.

With Love,

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy”

I will share my story but I want you to remember something important that you can’t forget … You must believe! There has to be something in you that believes in the miraculous and that understands the power that each of us have in creating our world and our individual lives.

Remember … remember who you are.

Now to my story. It’s been a long journey of searching, thinking I found answers and only realizing they were dead ends. Why? Because I was searching for answers outside of myself. I wanted someone to tell me who I was, what was my purpose, what I should do, and how I should do it. Yet, this can never be. Why? Because this is precisely why we are here. We are here to know ourselves, to explore and connect to our inner worlds, to come to what I call a “Knowing”. No one can help us but ourselves. It’s like Meher Baba says….it’s a journey from here to Here.

Everything I have experienced in my life was to help me “Know”. The difficulty with “Knowing” is that it starts as a fleeting experience. Our world, the OLD WORLD, constantly tells us how it is. What to expect. How to live life. It’s filled with FEAR and NEGATIVITY. So our fragile state of “Knowing” is difficult to sustain. There is so much stacked against living in the “Knowing”…. a world of love and positive energy. I have experienced so many moments that I am certain of this New Earth … certain of the connection we have with divinity and our ability to co-create. And then, here comes the OLD beliefs and sweeps me into a mirage of lies.

The truth is that we can all experience this Higher part of ourselves … This ever “Knowing” part that is connected to the Whole… To what some refer to as the Universal Consciousness.
Why am I so certain? Before finding Dolores Cannon and QHHT, I was already serving through my practice as a hypnotherapist. During some of my sessions, I noticed that my clients were talking from a ‘ different ‘ voice. This voice was calm, sure of itself, and very wise. It referred to itself as We, leaving me with the impression that it was a group of Beings. During the session, they would offer advise, answer questions and consent to help heal the client when asked (as long as the health concern was not karmic in nature).

Several months later, I connected to Dolores Cannon and realized that she was not only doing this for years but found a way of teaching it. I immediately signed up for her course and now I am certified as a level 1 practitioner.

The truth is that you don’t need me or Dolores to connect you. This is something you can do for yourself. The ability for Humankind to heal and manifest their life is very real. The only obstacle it your DISBELIEF …. YOU DON’T THINK IT’S POSSIBLE. So this is what you are manifesting.

You must BELIEVE. Remember who you are.

What should I expect from a session?

The sessions lasts 3 to 4 hours long. It starts out with a 2 hour interview. During this interview you give a synopsis of your life, the high lights, the key people in your life such as parents and siblings. Then we go over your questions that you will give me in writing. Suggestions on the type of questions can be: “What is my purpose?”, “Do I have any gifts or skills that remain unexplored?”, “Why are certain people in my life?”, “Do I have past karmic ties with certain people?”, “Should I accept a new job offer?” , “Or leave my current job?” “Why am I sick?”, ” Can you help me heal?” “Why do I have problems with addiction and can you help me overcome it?” These are just examples.

The actual hypnotherapy session lasts approximately 90 minutes. I will take you into a deep trance called Theta. Then we visit the most relevant past life. After exploring the reason we were shown this life time, we contact the Subconscious (SC) and ask your questions.
The SC is a name Dolores Cannon gave to the source of the guidance she received in her sessions. She describes this also as the Universal Consciousness, the Higher Self or the Oversoul. The wisdom and guidance that comes through has access to everything including our past life records and also has the ability to heal.

Booking A Session.
If you are interested in a session, please private message me in Facebook. Or you can email me at melisa@yourjourney.net
Sessions are available in:
Great Neck, NY
San Juan, PR
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Other locations possible if there is sufficient demand.


I must say that Melisa is a gifted and caring hypnotherapist. She started me on my journey to resolve childhood questions as I was adopted at a young age. Due to her wonderful sessions, I have had the courage to face my fears and contact my bio mother. I haven’t heard from her, but have been blessed to connect with her family and possibly uncover my bio father’s identity! I may even have 3 half siblings. My heart is full and I am at peace. Something I didn’t think would be possible had Melisa not guided me so proficiently through my past. She is a blessing. Thank you Melisa! ❤️ Donna Marie Janeira

To contact Melisa, send an email to melisa@yourjourney.net


I’m thankful to have my first two testimonials sent to me in the last few days. With Gratitude, Melisa :

Melisa is truly a gifted and experienced Hypnotherapist and I am ever so grateful for the superb beginning to my healing that I was able to endure, with her help and expertise.

After suffering for years with a severe spinal injury, leading me to develop Neuropathy and Radioculopathy, I decided to give the impossible a chance, and later underwent this incredible and indescribable experience during my session.

Melisa makes you feel a sense of comfort, and speaks with a soft collected solitude. After the first portion of our session which was an interview of events, I was put under hypnosis; it caused me to feel an “out of body trance” in a relaxed state of mind, while always feeling complete consciousness. The experience was superb, and I was aware of my subconscious telling my body and mind the advice needed to heal, in order to begin the indescribable healing process I underwent. I felt a lifting from beneath me, as if my body was transitioning from the flush of the bed to complete levitation. I felt sensations of my vertebrae shifting where they needed to be.

If anyone feels pain, whether it be physical or emotional; perhaps a combination, please give this extraordinary technique a chance. I personally was very skeptical because in the past course of treatments that I have undergone for years, including invasive procedures and manipulation; this was the first I can say that worked, leaving me free spirited and cleansed with approximately seventy percent less pain throughout my lower back and my left leg.

Melisa’s talent is not only a gift, but I believe this method of healing others is her true calling.
I am ever so grateful and can not wait to have another session of her hypnosis once again!

~With much love,

Heather-Whitney Lockwood

My session with Melisa began even before I entered the space. Because I was asked to contemplate what was desired from the session, before coming to see her, doors of self knowledge already began to open. When I arrive at the session, There was no sense of apprehension or anxiety. It was just calm and we chatted a while before I entered any state of relaxation with her. The journey that I took, with Melisa’s guidance, was a verification that everything we ever wanted to know about life can be found with ourselves. This very powerful message has carried me through each day since I worked with Melisa.

The session was customized for me and I am certain that sessions moving forward would also be tailored to each visit.

I had meditated with Melissa before on other un related occasions, and experienced different states of relaxation with her; but this particular type of session offered me so much more than just peace of mind. It offered me a way of being in this life, moving forward with certainty, that when decisions are made from deep within our knowing selves, we come from and are received from the most loving place.

Life is beautiful.

Thank you xo

Angela NY




As I walked through my garden, I noticed a single pink rose. Instantly I re-membered myself… knowing that this single rose was a symbol of my soul.

In a state between wakefulness and sleep, I was shown this rose. Unusual since it was the only one that blossomed from a large climbing rose bush. You can see the other buds seemingly ready to bloom but they never did. Just a single pink rose.

Something remarkable happened as a result of that day …when higher guidance showed me the rose. I stopped searching. A new understanding emerged … one that seemingly took a whole lifetime and yet happened instantly. I am Melisa. Not a sacred pipe carrier…not an elder … not a healer … not a teacher of this or that. Just simply…I am. It was a splendid moment … an arrival.

There was no longer the need to define who I was… what I did….what was my purpose…where I was going… how I was getting there. I was able to just Be…in the moment…

As I looked back at my journey … there is much humor in all of this. My magnetic center had me searching under and over every nook and cranny only to find out that what I was looking for was already in me… it was me. To finally realize that all I needed to do was to honor myself…my essence, my light and shadow sides…

Spirit has a great sense of humor. It’s so wondrous to be home…to feel like you have arrived. I am Melisa. Nothing more and nothing less… the totality of everything that makes me beautiful and spectacular, mixed in with all my mishigas (craziness)…

Jean Joy Smiths words come back to me many times to remind me that what is necessary is to get down to the root of who we are … to shed all that is superfluous and to get down to the core… to our real selves. This is our work.

The Everything and The Nothing by Meher Baba

A Journey Without Journeying

The succession of experiences that one goes through in the process of involution is called the Spiritual Path, and the going through them is likened to a journey.
The experiences are so innumerable and varied, that the journey appears to be interminable and the Destination is ever out of sight. But the wonder of it is, when at last you reach your Destination you find that you had never travelled at all! It was a journey from her to Here. As one Sufi expressed it, When I plucked the date (Fruit of Realization) I found the fruit was within me.

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After Session

What happens after a session?

I have been observing a few common situations that clients are encountering and hope to address them here so that everyone can maximize the intended results of the sessions.

Stupid Me:

This is the name that Dolores Cannon gave the part of the mind that is active when we are awake and fully engaged in life.  She  called it Stupid Me because it doesn’t believe in any of the principles of this work.  It doesn’t believe you actually saw a past life or that you can heal yourself or manifest anything.  The only way to conquer Stupid Me is to listen to the tape as much as you can until you are convinced that you can manifest the miracle.

Don’t Live in The Past:

When you come out of a session, do not go back to your usual banter.  You are not in the same place you were before you had the session.  By talking about your condition and your difficulty and your problems and blah, blah, blah…. you are reinforcing and convincing yourself over and over that your sick.  Don’t do that.  You are standing in a new place …. in between the past that is no longer and the start of a new healthy future.  The best strategy is just don’t say anything thing. Be quiet even if you are having doubts.

Don’t Share How You Feel:

When you first come out of a session, your loved ones are going to want to know how you feel, how it went and if you are cured, etc….  It’s natural to have doubts initially and not know how to feel about what has transpired.  Tell your friends and family that you don’t want to talk about it.  This way you don’t have to air out your doubts or talk with confidence before you are ready.   Give yourself time to digest what occurred in the session.  Also,  don’t open yourself to the opinion of others.   They can throw negative seeds into the fertile soil of your mind.  Before you know it,  the seeds have sprouted an entire forest of negative thoughts  that are not real. Protect yourself from the opinion of others.

You need to allow yourself to stand in a very different place than before.  A neutral place where you are not your past and you are fully vested in manifesting your future self.  There has to be something in you that wants to fight and to believe in the miracle.

Listen to the tape: 

I can’t stress this enough. Especially if you came for a healing.  The body mind needs to hear the message from the Higher Consciousness over and over in order for it to believe and manifest fully the healing.  Listen to it everyday if it helps.  I really don’t have a specific time frame as to when or how often to listen to it but if it’s helping you, then do it as often as possible.


You came to a session and now you are at a cross roads.  You had a visceral experience with your Higher Self.  You also experienced the assistance of a Council of Beings, Ascended Masters and Angels.  Hmmmm.  It’s a lot to take in and digest, especially if this is not the world you happen to hang out in.  My advise is not to let go of this connection so easily.  Even if you are scientifically oriented, do an experiment.   What would happen if you meditate everyday for 40 days.  What can you lose?

Start to practice stilling the mind and connecting directly with your higher self and higher guidance.  I recommend at least 5 minutes a day. I can’t stress this enough!   You must meditate.


Pray, especially if you came for a healing.  The Unseen World, wants us to ask. They must respect free will, this is why it’s so important that you tell me what it is you want and why I ask you to write it down prior to arriving to a session.  By writing it down,  you already start to manifest what you are intending  even before you arrive.  Everything starts  to line up for you.

Stay in Touch:

I’m interested in your progress. Stay in touch.  Send me an email with questions, concerns or validations.


Never forget the things you are grateful for having in your life.   Gratitude is the best emotion to connect to.  It always gives us the opportunity to bring scale and understanding to all our problems.

  • Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy Technique:
    Price: USD 250

    “QHHT is a powerful, safe, and effective method of hypnosis that focuses on obtaining unlimited information from the Subconscious (Higher Self).” Session duration: 4 hrs

  • Quantum Reiki
    Price: USD 75

    After bringing the client into a deep state of meditation, we contact the clients’ Higher Self.  Then with the permission of the HS, the Reiki healing begins. (1 – 1.5 hour session)

  • Past Life Regression
    Price: USD 120

    Our soul has journeyed many life times. During a session, you will journey to the most relevant past life that can shed light on what is playing out in your life now.

  • Private Meditation
    Price: USD 60

    The session will be custom designed to your needs. The session can target specific goals you have, can cover different techniques or just facilitate your entry into stillness. Session lasts 1 hr.

  • Group Meditation
    Price: USD 20

    We start by calling in the four directions, creating sacred space and calling in higher divine energy. The direction of the meditation depends on the group dynamic. Shamanic Journeying & Visualization. 1 hr session

  • QHHT Follow Up Session:
    Price: USD 75

    This session is for clients that have follow up questions or want to work with other aspects of their lives.

  • Cardio Self-defense – Private Classes
    Price: USD 60

    After warming up and stretching, you will go through a cardio fat burning session of kickboxing combined with boot camp exercises. Grips, chokes, kicks, punches, chops, elbow blows, holds are covered.

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